Friday, October 31, 2008

Libertine Lord Pickpocket Miss Fun Research Links

Here's the first research link to whet the appetite. One of the scenes (I won't tell you which one or what they're doing there, you have to read the book to find out) is set in Karlskirche, a beautiful baroque church in Vienna. Here's a link to read more about this church in Valerian Inglemoore's neighborhood. Read my book to find out what Val's friend Julian is doing there.

VIrtual Tour Starts Today For Harlequin's Undone Shorts

Happy Halloween, the Harlequin Undone Shorts Virtual Tour kicks off today. Today the four of us (Nicola Cornick, Ammanda McCabe, Me, and Michelle Willingham) are guest bloggers at Greyhaus. Our topic there is writing for dark moments and dark heroes. Check out our thoughts and make a comment. We'll be hanging out live off and on throughout the day and one lucky visitor to the site will win a free down load to be used on one of the e-shorts being released in by us in November. It's our personal trick or treat to you! Here's the link
See you there!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Check out reading communities on harlequin!

Harlequin reader reviews are a great way to read more about what people about my books! Just google search Pickpocket Countess or any other title and harlequin communities should come up with their reviews. Stay tuned later this week as the Undone Shorts starts off their e-book virtural tour.

4 star Review for Pick Pocket Countess

Here's a review by Katherine T. Thought you'd all enjoy reading it.

Stars! ~~~ Ms Scott had me enchanted with this story right from the opening scene!

Pickpocket Countess by Bronwyn Scott
Harlequin Historical # 899 – March 2008

Ah, I love this cover! ~~~ So much so I had to make it larger than I normally post! ~~~ What do you think? ~~~ Wouldn’t you just love to be that Pickpocket?
It’s 1831 and the Industrial Revolution is picking up speed in England, bringing with it unrest amongst the working class. Brandon Wycroft the fifth Earl of Stockport needs to build a textile mill in order to protect his earldom’s financial future. His plan is to set precedent with a safe mill, one that doesn’t employ children and the workers receive a decent day’s wage. But there is opposition to the mill, and the men who have signed up to invest have found their homes burglarized. “The Cat” of Manchester is quickly becoming notorious for his escapades leaving no house of distinction untouched, except for the Earls. But that’s not exactly true. The Earl hasn’t been untouched by “The Cat”, in fact, he’s been thoroughly touched! He’d caught the devil in the act, and to his amazement “The Cat” is not a HE, she’s a SHE! And with one startling and oh so arousing kiss, the Earl finds himself in a predicament; does he hunt and jail the thief or does he bed and wed the temptress!

Ms Scott had me enchanted with this story right from the opening scene! Awesome beginning that created a very sensual fun tone to the book. Brandon is a good man, trying hard to do good for those under his protection as Earl. He’s frustrated that his political efforts haven’t done more but he continues to fight for the people. When he learns that “The Cat” is indeed a living Robin Hood taking only what can be used to help the disadvantaged, he feels humbled. The Cat, Nora, is sassy and very smart, she’s Brandon equal all the way. She recognizes immediately the danger he’s in, esp. if the fact that he’s aided her should come out. With ruthless greedy men out to stop “The Cat”, both Nora and Brandon have to face challenging questions about just how far they will go to save the other. The heat between them just jumps off the pages, and I adored both Nora’s and Brandon’s most wicked thoughts! Very well done, and I do hope that Ms. Scott’s next book will be about Brandon’s best friend and ally Jack and Brandon’s wild child sister Dulci. If so, I’m looking forward to another “romp” of a good time!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Libertine Lord, Pickpocket Miss

Here's the great cover. The characters actually do look like Sophie and Julian. I've been busy blogging away for the virtual tour. That's been a fun experience. And Harlequin has asked me to do another quick e-book for them. So quick it's due Oct. 31~ It will be about Julian Burke's friend from Libertine Lord, Andrew Truesdale. He gets to go to Tuscany and a villa overlooking Florence to ferret out the possible plot of revolution. There, he meets the luscious Tuscan Widow, Olivia (it's so new I don't have a last name for her yet). But I did write four chapters this weekend and have 5 more to go, so we're half way there and the story is turning out well.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

On line Blogging Schedule for Undone Shorts

The virtual tour kicks off in two weeks, roughly. Here's where we'll be:
Halloween, Oct. 31, blogging at Greyhaus Literary Agency on writing Dark Moments and Darker Heroes.

Nov. 2 Risky Regencies
Nov. 3 Romance Bandits "Battle of the Heroes"
Nov. 7th UK Regency Readers Blog
Nov. 11 Romance Vagabonds

We'll also be at eharlequin and at the Good the Bad and the Unread with dates to be announced. As soon as I get jpg files for the covers I'll get them posted. Right now I only have them in adobe and can't upload them here.

All my best,

Saturday, October 4, 2008

New covers are here!

The new covers are here for the upcoming books. The E-book covers are great. Those are coming out November first and the four of us will be guest blogging lots of places to promote those titles. I'll be posting our 'virtual book tour' schedule here in the next couple days.

Bright yellow tones of the Viscount Claims His Bride look great to me. The book comes out Jan. 1 and I am hoping people love it because I think it's a very sophisticated story and I absolutely adore it. My son looked at the cover and said "It's yellow because of the scene in the yellow ballroom and because she wears yellow dresses a couple times in the story." Wow, what a memory. Of course he's nine and I don't read the steamy parts to him. I also liked that the cover got the hair color right. Philippa is auburned haired and Valerian's hair is very dark. I also love that this guy looks hot.
Stay tuned for more information.