Monday, February 23, 2009

The Earl's Forbidden Ward is coming soon!

Check out the lovely cover for Peyton Ramsden's story. He's Paine's brother from last spring's release 'Notorious Rake Innocent Lady.' This book is currently slated only for UK release. But you can get it sent to you from Borders or

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Pleasured by the English Spy is out for the month of love (Feb.)

Here it is! Andrew Truesdale's story. He's one of Julian Burke's friends from Libertine Lord. He meets his match in Italy following up on one of Valerian St. Justs missions.
Raised in Italy until he was 15 by his grandparents, Andrew is a natural choice when the British delegation in Vienna sends someone to Florence to ferret out the latest nationalist plot for revolution.
His mission is simple; if there is a revolutionary plot, stop it. But things become complicated when his efforts lead him to the Villa of the Breezes and into the arms of Olivia, another English expatriate like himself. Olivia is a woman of passion, free from the strictures of society, free to act on her passions. But when Andrew discovers her cousin's role in the revolutionary plot, he begins to wonder if Olivia used their budding relationship to protect her cousin, or is their love truly one of a kind? The dilemma forces Andrew to reconsider the line between duty and pleasure and the risks he'll have to take in order to follow the dictates of his heart. Can he find a way to serve both his country and his passion?