Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Swim a thon Bronwyn Scott give away Jan. 24-Feb. 2

Supporting King Aquatics swim a thon is great way to support kids in a positive club sport. Make a $5.00 or more donation to King Aquatics at this link, and receive a Bronwyn Scott title (Secret Life of a Scandalous Debutante or A Thoroughly Compromised Lady). This is a quick and easy tax write off, jut follow the link to Rowan's swim a thon page and be a community hero!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Royal Weddings Through the Ages

Royal Weddings Through the Ages is an anthology featuring--as you might guess from the title, royal British weddings. The stories all came out at short e-reads last April for William and Kate's wedding. This year, they are coming out in a paperback anthology.  This is a great place to catch "Prince Charming in Diguise," my short story about the true life courtship and wedding of George II and Princess Caroline. Stay tune for give aways on this as the release date gets closer!

Celebrate the New Year with two great reads: Regency sins and Royal Weddings Through the Ages

"Regency Sins" is available on line for the world, and in bookstores for the UK beginning Jan. 3rd. it's a Beautiful book, as you can see from the cover. It's also a two for one! Two novels in one: Pickpocket Countess and Notorious Rake, Innocent Lady. It's the 12th of 12 books Mills and Boon have put out as 'author anthologies,' Others in this series include "Regency Innocents" and "Regency Scandals,"