Monday, June 30, 2008

Latest news from my writing desk

My agent contacted me last week and told me about a new project that Harlequin is doing. After the success of the Spice Briefs, the Historical editors decided to get together and do their version of the same hot and spicy stories with the great historical twist we all love. My wonderful editor made sure that I was one of the debut authors for this new line!

In November, I will be released with 4 other authors for the new E-Book line. That was exciting. What was more exciting is that one of my best friends (and we also share the same agent) got a slot as well.

Now, here was the twist that made this weekend totally psychotic. I was all ready to take this weekend and really spend time on the next book for my Avalon series (a Nikki Poppen book). This new book for Harlequin has a deadline of Aug. 1, so the Avalon book slid to the side and I got to writing. Add to the fact that my husband got sick with not just strept throat but a viral infection on top of that and the house was in chaos. We shipped the kids off to gradma's, I banned my husband to the guest bedroom and I took off writing.

Final outcome! Book is finished. Of course there is the round of editing but it is done.


I am soooooo excited.

Oh, and did I forget to mention that the day all of the sickness and chaos started, the mail showed up with a lovely package from London. That's right, the edits for THE VISCOUNT CLAIMS HIS BRIDE showed up to be completed.

Ahhhh, life is fun.

Saturday, June 21, 2008


I know it has been a while since the book signing. I just ran out of time to sit down and type this in.

Congratulations to Katherine Szyperski for winning the gift certificate to WATSON'S NURSERY!

The check is in the mail Kate!

Exciting news

My agent just told me that my fantastic editor has gotten me this great writing gig. I am totally excited about this new project. Of course, I will be putting aside THE MADCAP for Avalon for a brief time to do this project but it will be worth it.

For those of you that read Grayson Prentiss's Seduction, you will love this new story. This one is set in the Balkan's with a REALLY HOT HERO!

This week has also been great with another invitation. I'll be sitting on one of the Harlequin Author Panels in San Francisco. Make sure to stop by and say hi.

Monday, June 9, 2008

The new book is on the way

I finally had some time to sit down and get to work on the next book for the Avalon series. It felt so good to see words forming on that blank computer screen. I didn't get much done on it but some progress was made.

Up until this point, I have been trying to wrap up my work at the college for Spring quarter and start thinking about Summer quarter. Yep, I continue to teach throughout the summer. The nice thing though, is I do wrap up the teaching each day by noon.

This new series for Avalon (written under my real name) is a Victorian series. I have been really fascinated by the early Victorian period in the US, especially with the lives of the people who would frequent Newport for their version of the season. You know, the Astors and their friends.

This new one will be based out of San Francisco, New York and London. I'm loving this as it gives me a chance to really dive back into some great research.

I'll keep you posted and for those of you coming to San Francisco, I'll see you there.


Monday, June 2, 2008

Where am I going now?

My writing life never seems to stop. I always have something new on my plate and right now is no exception. I have so many writing projects ahead of me, I sometimes wonder if I wil get to them all. Add in the fact that I am writing for both Harlequin and Avalon and things get really hectic.

So, this weekend I sat down to make a plan. On tap next is Book 2 of the new Victorian series I am writing for Avalon. Really excited about this one since I get to explore some new historical territory including Victorian San Francicso. Hmmmm, research this summer?

Then it is back to Harlequin for a couple more projects with my favorite characters. Yes, Crispin is getting his own story as well as Jack and Dulci, and Beldon and Lilya.

I guess, if there was one thing I would recommend to any new writer, it would be to have a plan. Know where you are going to and how you are going to get there. I know I have to when I balance my work schedule and my family life. Still, it is possible.

Let me know how you balance your life? If you are a writer, where are you heading to and how do you plan on getting there?