Monday, June 30, 2008

Latest news from my writing desk

My agent contacted me last week and told me about a new project that Harlequin is doing. After the success of the Spice Briefs, the Historical editors decided to get together and do their version of the same hot and spicy stories with the great historical twist we all love. My wonderful editor made sure that I was one of the debut authors for this new line!

In November, I will be released with 4 other authors for the new E-Book line. That was exciting. What was more exciting is that one of my best friends (and we also share the same agent) got a slot as well.

Now, here was the twist that made this weekend totally psychotic. I was all ready to take this weekend and really spend time on the next book for my Avalon series (a Nikki Poppen book). This new book for Harlequin has a deadline of Aug. 1, so the Avalon book slid to the side and I got to writing. Add to the fact that my husband got sick with not just strept throat but a viral infection on top of that and the house was in chaos. We shipped the kids off to gradma's, I banned my husband to the guest bedroom and I took off writing.

Final outcome! Book is finished. Of course there is the round of editing but it is done.


I am soooooo excited.

Oh, and did I forget to mention that the day all of the sickness and chaos started, the mail showed up with a lovely package from London. That's right, the edits for THE VISCOUNT CLAIMS HIS BRIDE showed up to be completed.

Ahhhh, life is fun.

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