Saturday, October 4, 2008

New covers are here!

The new covers are here for the upcoming books. The E-book covers are great. Those are coming out November first and the four of us will be guest blogging lots of places to promote those titles. I'll be posting our 'virtual book tour' schedule here in the next couple days.

Bright yellow tones of the Viscount Claims His Bride look great to me. The book comes out Jan. 1 and I am hoping people love it because I think it's a very sophisticated story and I absolutely adore it. My son looked at the cover and said "It's yellow because of the scene in the yellow ballroom and because she wears yellow dresses a couple times in the story." Wow, what a memory. Of course he's nine and I don't read the steamy parts to him. I also liked that the cover got the hair color right. Philippa is auburned haired and Valerian's hair is very dark. I also love that this guy looks hot.
Stay tuned for more information.


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