Monday, January 6, 2020

Welcome to 2020!

Happy New Year!  It's going to be a great year with the Cornish Dukes.  Introductions are in order so let me give you an overview to the driving concept behind the series.  The Cornish Dukes are a circle of 8 men-- The Duke of Bude and his son, Eaton Falmage (The Secrets of Lord Lynford), The Duke of Hayle and his son and heir Cassian Truscott (The Passions of Lord Trevethow), The Duke of Boscastle and his son and heir, Inigo Vellanoweth, and the Duke of Newlyn, Vennor Penlerick.

This is a circle of fathers all hailing from Cornwall, all committed to social justice and reform and all committed to family, particularly the idea that a man should raise his sons. As a product of that mission, the four heroes in the series (Eaton, Cassian, Inigo and Vennor) have been brought up with a strong value of family and a strong commitment to their communities. They are not ducal heirs who believe it's their prerogative to while away their time wenching and wining in London! A strong theme of social commitment underlies each of the stories-- Eaton, for example with his commitment to education, and Cassian with his desire to build a Cornish amusement garden to rival Vauxhall.

Across the series is not only a strong theme of community commitment, but also a theme of legacies inspired by the closing song from Hamilton-- "Who Will Write Your Story?" Each of the 4) heirs are influenced by their mentor, Richard Penlerick, the Duke of Newlyn (Vennor's father) and his death (which opens the series in chapter 1 of The Secrets of Lord Lynford) causes each of them to question their pathways and choices in order to make their lives count in ways that would honor their mentor and their family names.

Of course, as each of them discover, legacies can be all-consuming and that ultimately life is a balancing act. All work and no play, can make ducal heirs dull boys, thank goodness there are four exquisite heroines  to help these fine men strike that balance.
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