Friday, January 10, 2020

The Cornish Dukes Timeline

If you're interested in the progression of the series, here's a little time line with memorable events to guide your reading. 

Nov. 30, 1822 Cador Kitto arrives in Porth Karrek. The night of the storm and subsequent BIG rescue by Captain Penhaligon and Emily Faulkner (as featured in Marguerite Kaye's "The Captain's Christmas Proposal," in An Invitation to a Cornish Christmas.

Sun., Dec. 1, 1822, First Sunday in Advent.  Cador Kitto attends church in Porth Karrek. Meets the Treleven family.Has lunch with the Trelevens and the Cornish ducal heirs are present.

Dec. 24, 1822, Cador Kitto performs his Christmas cantata at the Porth Karrek church. Eaton Falmage offers him the role of headmaster with the founding of the Cornish Music Academy in Porth Karrek. Eaton Falmage, heir to the Duke of Bude, and the Marquess of Lynford, makes the offer so that Cador can marry Rosenwyn Treleven.

Jan. 1823  Rosenwyn Treleven and Cador Kittto  wed.They spend their honeymoon on the Continent looking for potential instructors for the school scheduled to open in the fall. Eaton Falmage cancels his planned trip to Italy in order to help prepare the school.

May 1823  Marianne Treleven makes her debut for the Season. Eaton and the ducal heirs are in Town to support her come-out.  Eaton plans to stay only a short time.

June 11, 1823  Richard Penlerick, one of the founding Cornish dukes (and father to Vennor) is killed by footpads along with his wife after attending the theater.

June 18, 1823  Richard Penlerick's funeral..  The 4 heirs see each other all together for the last time for the next three years.

June 19, 1823:  Eaton and Cassian return to Cornwall. Eaton to work on the school and Cassian to work on his acquiring his pleasure garden. Inigo stays in London to keep an eye on a grieving Vennor who is determined to bring his parents' killers to justice.  Marianne Treleven begins writing for the Society column in Lady's Magazine anonymously to augment her allowance.

July 1823:  The first sighting of the Vigilante is reported.

September 1823:  Eaton's musical conservatory opens. School patron, Eliza Blaxland comes to visit the school while on mining business at Wheal Karrek.  Cador Kitto tells Eaton that he and Rosenwyn are expecting a baby in March.

November 1823:  Eaton and Eliza marry at the school.

March 5, 1824  St. Piran's Day:  Cassian Truscott, heir to the Duke of Hayle, attends the Redruth St. Piran's Day fair and meets the mysterious Em.

End of March, 1824:  Rosenwyn and Cade's baby is born

May 1824:  Marianne Treleven has her second season in London as a Diamond of the First Water, Vennor is officially out of mourning. Hawaiian royalty come to town. Cassian begins his courtship of Penrose in order to win the land for the pleasure garden. The Vigilante continues to be a topic of interest among Society.
August, 1824  Cassian and Penrose wed and take a year long honeymoon throughout Europe.

October 1824:  Inigo is approached by Audevere Brenley with a plan to be free of her father./ The Vigilante rescues Inigo from an assault near St. James.

Late 1824:  Inigo and Audevere wed.

Late summer 1825:  Cassian and Pen return home from their honeymoon. Pen announces she is expecting a child in March or April.

March 1826:  Cassian and Pen's son, Richard Collin is born.

May 1826:  Marianne Treleven's 3rd Season begins

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