Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Welcome to Porth Karrek!

 You are invited to a Cornish Christmas, courtesy of myself and Marguerite Kaye! October 1 our Christmas anthology, "Invitation to a Cornish Christmas" will be available in North America via Amazon, Barnes and Noble and always through the Harlequin site. I am so excited about these stories. This anthology is our 4th collaboration together and I think it's the best so far.   I am pleased also to share that "Unwrapping his Festive Temptation," my story in the anthology, is my 50th Harlequin release, so this book is a double win for me!

For the stories, we invented a Cornish coastal village called Porth Karrek, and it very well could look like something like this photo to the right. It has headlands upon which is one of the big manors owned by Marguerite's hero's family, the Penhaligons. The village is well-known for its beach, Karrek Sands and the quiet cove that lies at the bottom of the headlands. We gave it a main street--Budoc lane  with St. Piran's church at one end and the beach at the other. Along the way, the lane is populated by a butcher's, a baker's, and yes, a candle maker's, along with Chegwin's Mercantile and the Ship Inn. It was great fun creating the town and the people who lived there.  The town itself became just as much of a character in the stories as did our heroes and heroines! I hope you enjoy discovering Porth Karrek for yourself.  Stay tuned here and at Marguerite's blog for all the inside details on the making of this Christmas 'miniseries.'

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