Monday, September 30, 2019

Meet Rosenwyn Treleven

Tomorrow's the day! It's release day for Invitation to a Cornish Christmas. In anticipation of that, I wanted folks to have a chance to meet my charming heroine, Rosenwyn Treleven. You will recognize the physical inspiration below for Rosenwyn as the lovely Demelza from Poldark.  Rosenwyn is the oldest of  Sir Jock Treleven's six red-haired daughters. She's been to London for two Seasons and had some acclaim as an accomplished pianist until a scandal of the heart sent her back to Cornwall for good.
That's fine with her. Unlike Cador Kitto, she loves her part of the world. Where he has darker memories of his childhood, she has glorious childhood remembrances of Porth Karrek. But this is not all the two clash over.  Her brush with the world has left her cynical of flirtatious, good looking men and she worries what such a man might intend during his time in Porth Karrek. The last thing she wants is Cador Kitto near her or her sisters. But the more she tries to warn him off, the more she is drawn to him and the life he's lived beyond Porth Karrek. 

In writing the story, I loved how strong of a heroine Rosenwyn was without  being bitter or nasty while not hesitating to speak her mind. When she is out of line, she recognizes it and seeks to make amends. It takes strong person to do that. She is also courageous enough to love a second time even after a disastrous first and it was fun to write that evolution as well as exciting and sometimes challenging to making a compelling case for a Regency era heroine to take her own desires into her own hands regarding the choices she makes in her relationship with Cador.

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