Monday, February 19, 2018

The Russian Royals of Kuban Have Arrived

Happy New Year,
2018 starts with a bang with the new Russian Royals series. This year's series features four books about Dimitri Petrovich's friends (mentioned in Wallflowers to Wives book #2 Awakening the Innocent Miss). These are the four men Dimitri trusts to bring his sister and his father out of Kuban.  But they have issues of their own as they settle into their new lives. The series is sophisticated and layered, exploring the nostalgia of home and themes of relocation and re-discovery of self in a new land, while also exploring larger Russian cultural issues.

Book #1 (available January2018) Compromised by the Prince's Touch
The first book features Prince Nikolay Baklanov, a former cavalry officer in the Kubanian military. Wounded by an unsuccessful assassination attempt when he spoke out against the Kubanian Tsar, Nikolay faced trial for treason if he stayed. But after the grueling overland and sea journey to England, Nikolay now has adjust to life outside his home and the military.  It's harder than he thought. He's always had a cause to fight for, and now his life is empty and the cause of reforming Kuban remains unfinished. He's at loose ends, teaching riding at Fozard's to pass the time.

Enter Klara Grigorieva, daughter of the Russian attache in London. She's on a mission: recruit the prince to her father's cause; a palace revolt in St. Petersburg to dethrone the repressive Tsar. Nikolay is tempted to join her father's cause, in part to fill the hole in him, but also for her. Klara is a temptation that supersedes even the cause of reform. But Klara has already been promised to another, an unscrupulous duke who will not hesitate to expose the secret revolt in order to see Nikolay dead.

Together, Klara and Nikolay must defy the odds in order to protect their newfound love.

Book #2 Innocent in the Prince's Bed (Feb. 2018)
Illarion Kutejnikov, the Poet-Prince, former poet laureate of Kuban is adrift in London Society. Since his escape from Kuban and charges of libel against the Tsar, he's lost his muse.  His poetry remains uninspired until the night he meets Lady Dove Sanford-Wallis, only child of a wealthy duke, and the most anticipated debutante of the Season. She is intended for an excellent high -society match, while London intends to tolerate Illarion's handsome eccentric rakishness as long as he limits himself to London's merry widows and demimonde. London doesn't want a cast-off prince with no land or assets to corrupt the purer roses of English womanhood. But when Dove sparks Illarion's creativity and his empathy, Illarion vows to pursue her.

Sheltered and protected her entire life, Dove is ready to throw off the chains of her over-protective parents.  Illarion is unlike any man she's ever met, and he opens her eyes to the possibilities of a life far beyond the one that has been imagined for her, a life Dove had never questioned until now. But to claim it and the man she loves, she will have to rebel against family and long standing tradition.,204,203,200_QL70_&dpSrc=detail

Book #3 Awakened by the Prince's Passion (July 2018) 
Prince Ruslan Pisarev is awakened in the middle of the night in his newly purchased London townhouse by a bedraggled Kubanian officer and his companion, a woman whom he claims is the last survivor of the royal house of Kuban, Princess Dasha.   Kuban is in revolt, the royal family massacred on their front lawn. The officer wants to Ruslan to protect the princess until it's time for her to return home and re-claim the throne.

Ruslan is used to protecting others, used to spiriting them out of Kuban. This would be different. He'd have to get someone back in to the country--a country he'd thought he left behind forever. But duty calls, presenting him with not only the personal dilemma to leave the life he's built in London, but also to accept the officer's claim. The princess does not recall who she is but she is the country's best hope of peaceful transition, and the best hope of Kuban claiming the reform he and his friends had given their lives for. Ruslan will risk it all by uniting politics and love.

Book #4 Seduced by the Prince's Kiss  (Aug. 2018)
Stepan Shevchenko is the last of the four princes, and he's feeling it. His nest of friends is empty. He is born leader of men and now he is alone. Now, there is no longer a reason for him to not act on the hidden flame he's carried for miles across a continent and into a new life for Dimitri's sister, Anna-Maria, except perhaps Dimitri himself and that bit about having become a smuggler of fine spirits in protest against restrictive taxation in England. It seems old habits die hard. ...

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