Monday, February 19, 2018

4 Stars from Romantic Times for Compromised by the Prince's Touch

"Scott delivers an absorbing tale with an uncommon hero, bold heroine,
elements of foreign intrigue, treachery and passion. The witty byplay between the characters and their tension-filled battle of wills fuels the readers’ desire to turn the pages. The love story unfolds masterfully as the characters are caught in a conspiracy that could change the face of European politics. Brava to Scott for bringing interesting historical possibilities to light in the debut of the Russian Royals of Kuban series.
Prince Nikolay Baklanov of Kuban went from a life of war and rebellion to that of an instructor at a prestigious London riding academy. Teaching spoiled young misses is not what the dashing prince imagined. Then diplomat’s daughter Klara gallops into the ring. Since her mother’s death, Klara has been her father’s hostess and a member of his political circle. It is her mission to ferret out Nikolay’s motives for being in England and his reactions to a possible revolutionary conspiracy. She’s the perfect lady, but something in the daring prince exposes her wild side. Nikolay has his reasons for not trusting Klara, but he is drawn to her intelligence, beauty and love of horses. No longer willing to be her father’s puppet, Klara falls deeply in love with Nikolay, but there are many impediments and a ruthless suitor to overcome before they can find their happily ever after. "(HARLEQUIN HISTORICAL, Jan., 288 pp., $6.50)
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