Friday, August 7, 2015

4 stars in Romantic Times Magazine for Rake Most Likely to Thrill!

Archer is here! The second Rakes on Tour book is in book stores August 2016. That means now!
Romantic Times gives Archer's story 4 stars: "The second tale in Rakes on Tour earns high marks with lusty romance...."

August is a perfect time to read this story.  Archer's tale is set around the Palio run every August in Siena, Italy, making it a great summer time read!  I've actually visited the track and I can only imagine the pandemonium it's seen through the ages.  If you click on the cover to the right, it will take you directly to order Archer straight from Harlequin.

Remember, if you read something you like, take a few minutes and post a review to Amazon as a way of thanking and helping an author. It's tough times out there right now for writers. The market is glutted with free books and loads of other things (I'll try not to rant here) and all that dilutes the market making it hard to find an author or a book unless you know specifically about them.

I think my personal reading world has gotten smaller instead larger these days without having a book store nearby. As a reader, I find I'm not trying new folks out as much as I'm just waiting for my favorite authors to put something new out. This,in part, is because the 'new' authors I tried out as a means of experimenting with all the increased access, didn't have quality products. Covers were unappealing and cheap, editing in the books was nonexistent or poorly done and didn't really give the impression of professionalism. This severely handicapped the stories.

I have to say, I used to read 50 books a year outside of my own writing and teaching needs. But now I think I probably read 25 because it's too hard to find something 'good.'  I think there are good books out there, I just can't find them.  I used to stop in at my grocery store's book section (I shop at Haggen) and I could always grab a book in a pinch if I couldn't get to Borders. But now, Haggen no longer rotates their books very frequently and they only carry 3 or 4 romance titles. I walked by the other day and I was like "I read that over two months ago." The last book I bought there was the Elizabeth Hoyt book. I bought early, the week it was released. I loved it.  But the key here, Haggen, is that I bought the book in May. I finished it before June, and it's still on the store's shelf. What am I supposed to buy now? There's the Hoyt book and there's two Sabrina Jeffries titles that they've carried since April--and I think those were not new titles released in April, so now my choices are: A book I've already read and two other books that have been out since the new year.  Assuming that it's an author I read, I have already blown through those titles--they are old.  Assuming it's not an author I like to read, I'm just not interested. So I leave the shelves feeling like there's nothing out there to read. This is the same case at our Walmart and our Fred Meyer--there is no turn over for the voracious reader.

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