Friday, May 22, 2015

The Rakes are Coming!

Hello Readers,
As summer reading season gears up, I am gearing up too, to meet the summer demands of readers.
The Rakes on Tour series releases the first two books in the four book series June 2015 and August 2015:  The Rake Most Likely to Rebel and The Rake Most Likely to Thrill.  I am so excited about this series! I have wanted to do a Grand Tour series for awhile now and it's finally here. So, those of us who can't quite make the European hot spots this summer can live vicariously through our Grand Tour heroes.
Book #1 Rake Most Likely to Rebel, features fencer Haviland North and is set in Paris, the usual first stop on the Tour. May I crow with delight for a moment? Romantic Times gave  Haviland 4 Stars!!

Book #2 Rake Most Likely to Thrill features horseman, Archer Crawford and is set in Siena, Italy where Archer has ambitions to race in the dangerous Palio.

Book #3 Rake Most Likely to Seduce features the gambler, Nolan Gray and is set in Venice at Carnevale.

Book #4 Rake Most Likely to Sin features the playboy, Brennan Carr who goes native  in the Peloponnese region  of Greece.

I hope you will love my new boys as much as I do!!

Speaking of new boys, I also have the first book in a brand new series out at Harper Collins called Reckless Rakes!  This three book series has a Regency X-Games theme to it, featuring an ice racer, a carriage racer, and a secret dueling society.  The first book:  Reckless Rakes; Hayden Islington is out this summer on digital, perfect for  a vacation download on your kindle, kobo or nook!

It's been a blessed year to be Bronwyn Scott with three series releasing. We kicked off the year with the three book series Rakes of the Caribbean (also great summer reading if you missed them first time out), and now we head into summer and fall with the four book series, Rakes on Tour. Plus the new Harper Collins series to boot!! Thanks to all the readers who make it possible!! I appreciate you.

Drop me a line and let me know what you're reading!

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