Saturday, March 15, 2014

4 stars from RT for London's Most Wanted Rake (Here April 1st)

Channing and Alina's story rounds out the series! What a winter it's been, I can't believe all 4 books are out now. Channing and Alina are old friends of a sort, but it's never been their time and that's resulted in some unresolved issues, but the bedroom isn't one of them. Now, Alina's set on catching a man who'd swindled her family and she needs Channing's help to do it--if they can manage their past.

Old favorites make nice reappearances--Jocelyn and Cassandra, Nick and Annorah, and the still single Amery DeHart are all ready to stand beside Channing on his last adventure as a Rake Who Makes Husbands Jealous.


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