Sunday, October 3, 2010

October update

Is September over already? It's been busy. I just finished reading the AAs on Beldon and Lilya's story "The Secret Life of a Scandalous Debutante," (doesn't that sound delicious?). It was pretty intense. I decided there wasn't enough action in the early chapters and re-arranged some of the back story information to pick up the pacing and to enhance the layering in later chapters. I really like how it turned out but it was some hard 'thinking' work to make sure it all flowed seamlessly.
I've also been enjoying the foreign copies of some recent releases. You can now read the Earl's Forbidden Ward in Norwegian and The Viscount Claims his Bride (depicted above since it is the book preceding Beldon's story in a Secret Life) in French and Czech and Polish.
Now, it's back to Merrick St. Magnus, the hottie 1830s hero who kicks off my new series of dark rakes. His book is due Dec. 20th so I'm watching the calendar carefully to stay on top of him (hmm, I wonder if that's the right way to put it).

Stay tuned for new book covers. I am expecting two covers to show up momentarily--the North American cover for the Feb. 2011 release of A Thoroughly Compromised Lady and Feb. Undone! Anthology featuring Wicked Earl, Wanton Widow and a cameo appearance by Peyton Ramsden.

Keep reading!

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