Sunday, August 2, 2009

South Carolina Writers conference coming in October

Hi all,
If you're an aspiring writer this post is for you. The end of October, Myrtle Beach plays host to the South Carolina Writers Conference. What a beautiful setting and perfect opportunity. The conference is full of great sessions to help perfect the craft. It's a great time to connect in a more intimate setting with writers, authors, agents and editors. Scott Eagan, Pamela Ahearn and Jenny Bent (to name a few) will be in attendance to hear pitches and lead sessions.

I'll be there too leading critique sessions and offering classes in dialogue, point of view, and historical research.

I know for me that a conference like this one was just what I needed to get started on the road towards my publishing goals. I went to a critique session like the ones offered at this conference and it helped me sell my manuscript nine months later. Here's the link to check out what the conference offers:

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