Saturday, January 3, 2009

Release dates for the Viscount Claims His Bride

There's lots of ways to get the Viscount! Here's some release dates:

Kindle released an electronic version Dec. 25, 2009
In the UK, hard cover copies come out Jan. 1, 2009
In the US soft cover copies come out Jan. 1, 2009

In the UK, soft cover copies come out Mar. 6, 2009

And here's a fabulous review from Romantic Times:
'Love, duty, lies and guilt along with a nice overview of diplomatic machinations between England and Europe following the Napoleonic Wars all come together in Scott's well written and moving romance.'

We're nearly sold out in the Puyallup area! It's a start!
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Lateia Elam Sandifer said...

Just finished Viscount today at lunch after snapping it off the shelf at KMart yesterday. It was a great read. Notice it took me less than 24 hours. If I didn't have diapers to change and noses to wipe, I could have finished in even less time.

The plotting and pace were perfect. The setting, too, was very nice. I was very impressed with two things in particular. The first is your use of little known history. It made the story unique and I felt like I learned something. Who knew mining and shady investment practices were the thing in 1820s Cornwall? Lots of period books feel like just more of the same with too much attention paid to windowdressing, e.g. fashion and manners, than the plot. Not the case at all in this book. So, Bravo! Thanks for bringing a breath of fresh air to the genre. I was also impressed with the seamless way you drew Phillipa's character---she was an independent woman of means, yet she still fit the period. It's very hard to balance the constraints of the time and the creation of an interesting female character---one you would actually want to befriend--and you did a superb job. And thanks for making her a grown up lady. The fact that she and Val were late twenties/thirties made their passion feel more realistic.

Thanks again for a great escape into Regency Cornwall. Amazon is sending your other titles to me as we speak! We can't wait to meet you at our upcoming conference!