Friday, December 19, 2008

Happy Holidays! The Viscount Countdown is on!

As of December 20th, it's just twelve days until 'The Viscount Claims His Bride" hits bookstores on January 1, 2009. Here's my version of the 'twelve days' of Christmas--twelve links, one each day, that relate to scenes and information used in the Viscount. Our very own Viscountdown, if you will.

Here's day 1: The geography and weather of Cornwall. I'm in the Seattle area and we've been doused with a beautiful round of snow that has the kids out early for Christmas break. They've been out for three days now and the roads have been far too slick to drive on and it's been extra cold. BUT, Cornwall is actually a bit more temperate than Seattle or most of England during the winter months. Spring comes much earlier to the Cornwall region and fall sticks around a bit longer than it does in other parts of England. (That's not to say Cornwall doesn't get cold, because it certainly does) In the book on p. 90-92 there's a fun scene where Valerian makes a wager about the weather. If you want to read more about the weather and unique geography of Cornwall, check out this link.

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