Wednesday, December 31, 2008

11th Day of the Viscountdown: Dec. 30

We're almost there. Since banking plays a large role in the villain's life, I thought I'd focus on the banking system today. Lucien is an investor, and he opens up the Provincial Bank of Truro as the first step in establishing his mining cartel. I had fun learning about 19th century banking in England. What I learned in a nutshell was this:
Noblemen had access to very stable and established banks in London like Coutts, the Bank of London and Childs. But others who didn't have the means to travel to London to bank, relied on county or provincial banks. These banks weren't regulated and often went bankrupt. The bank managers in these cases often used the money put in the banks to back investments and if those investments didn't pay off, funds were lost and not replaced.
To read more about banking options, check out this link:

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