Wednesday, December 31, 2008

10th Day of the Viscountdown! St. Piran's Day

It's Dec. 29, just a few days to go until The Viscount Claims His Bride hits bookshelves.

To celebrate, this entry looks at St. Piran's Day. On page 166, Valerian and Philippa go down to the village to celebrate St. Piran's Day, a Cornish holiday among miners. St. Piran is believed to be the Saint of mining and miners in Cornwall. The day is filled with fair booths, games for the children, contests for the men, local folk food and dancing in the evening featuring Cornish style dances like furries and scoots. To read more about St. Piran, check out this link:

The image posted on the righthand side is the St. Piran's flag!

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