Monday, August 25, 2008

Keeping all the books straight!

Here's what's new as you get ready to plan your fall/winter reading lists.

This November, "Libertine Lord, Pickpocket Miss" will be released as an e-book with Harlequin. Readers will be able to download the story to their computers, Kindles etc. Stay posted here for easy links, which I'll put up as soon as I have them. I am so excited about this project. Harlequin is branching out into short e-book historicals with some spice to them . Libertine Lord is one of the first four "undone shorts" to debut for the historical line. Be sure to check out the other three debuts also available in November from Ammanda McCabe, Nicola Cornick and Michelle Willingham. I will be posting their covers and titles as all that becomes available. I know you'll like the stories!

Available January 1, 2009 in time to kick off the New Year right, is "The Viscount Claims His Bride." I love this story much! Valerian and Phillippa are characters you'll adore. The Jan. 1 release date fits the story perfectly since there's a scene early in the book that takes place at a New Year's ball and the hero makes a private resolution. This book is already available for pre-sale on Amazon.

As we get closer to November and January, I have some special items I'll be posting on the website to get us all excited about the two books. Until then, I'll be working on Wild Hearts.

In the meanwhile, I've put together a list of books to help readers catch up on what's already out there and what's coming so readers can keep it all straight.

The Ramsden Brother series (for lack of an official title)

"Notorious Rake, Innocent Lady" released May 2008: this is Paine Ramsden and Julia Prentiss's story. It's the 'first' in the series although the books don't have to be read in order. You can still get this book on Amazon or through the Harlequin website.

"The Earl's Forbidden Ward" releasing springish of 2009 is my best guess. This is Peyton Ramsden's story.

"Wild Hearts" this is currently being written and this is the working title. It will probably get an official title from Harlequin later. This is Crispin's story.

There's also an on line read with Harlequin entitled "The Seduction of Grayson Prentiss" that was first issued as a daily read in April 2009. It's about Julia Prentiss's cousin. You can still read the story by following the link on the August 2nd blog.

There is a follow up book to Pickpocket Countess that features Jack, Viscount Wainsbridge, who was a fun secondary character. He gets his own story with Dulci, the hero's sister. The working title for it is Kingdom of Hearts but we won't see that hit the shelves until 2010.

There is also a follow up book to "The Viscount Claims His Bride" which focuses on two secondary characters Beldon and Lilya. The working title for it is "A Diamond of the First Water" but of course I expect that to change. And again, the release date for this will probably be a 2010 time.

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