Sunday, August 3, 2008

Home from San Francisco

I am home from a great four days in San Francisco. I had a super time meeting people and hearing about all the latest trends in romance. I also picked up books from some of my favorite authors; Julia Quinn, Stephanie Laurens to name a couple. There's so much to share about the conference, so I'll just pick a few highlights.

Wednesday night was the literacy book signing for the American literacy project. I sat next to Amanda Scott and signed copies of Notorious Rake, Innocent Lady. It's such a thrilling evening to see the grand ballroom filled with rows and rows of authors. I loved being part of it. I liked talking to people who would come over and say 'I loved the cover of pickpocket countess.' or "You have the best covers." Lucy Gilmour from Harlequin made my night by coming over to say hi.

Thursday started with the Hussies breakfast--I loved this so much. I got to meet everyone from the website and put faces with names. This was followed by the Harlequin meet and greet where I got to meet all the editors. Followed by the Harlequin historical tea at a cute tack and tea shop. We had a delicious tea with little sandwiches and scones and a few of us scandalized Sally by admitting that we microwave hot water for tea and just pop a tea bag in a tea cup, foregoing the pot-brewing experience altogether.

Thursday evening, I went with Scott to the FFand P (that's futuristic, fantasy and paranormal) chapter event. They served a delicious oriental themed dinner and I won an Amazon gift card in the drawings! Afterwards, we moved on to the RWA on line chapter party where we played hilarious games. It was so much fun!

Friday was a bit slower. I was able to hit a few book signings (which is one of my favorite things to do at the conference). At 8:30 I started out at the early part of the Harlequin spotlight and moved at 9:00 to the Harlequin focus group meeting, and then to lunch with Julie Rowe, who won the Brenda Novak auction lunch with me. I wrote in the hotel room that afternoon before hitting the harlequin book signing and the Berkeley book signing, the Avalon spotlight. Then it was on to parties!

Our first stop was the Avalon party where we got to spend time with Faith Black my editor over there. She'd just seen the cover for Newport Summer which comes out (ironically) in December-Januaryish. She says it's beautiful. I can hardly wait to see it. I'll post a picture here as soon as I get it. Erin Cartwright showed up with her darling little girl and we all had so much fun watching her dance and charm all of us. The Avalon writers were so nice and I finally got to meet Holly Jacobs who also writes for Harlequin and Avalon.

The Harlequin party was at the Four Seasons down the street and was a perfect way to cap off our conference. The ball room was beautifully decorated. There was even a Golden Gate Bridge in it! I thought the three-tiered chocolate fountain was a huge hit too.

We flew home on Saturday. We couldn't stay for the awards ceremony due to committments at home, but we had a great time . Now it's back to real life. Catie has horse camp this week and we're off to Bend for the last swim meet of the season on Thursday. Then it's just one more week of summer quarter work at the college and I'll get a few weeks off to catch up on some writing work. Stay tuned!

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