Sunday, May 29, 2016

4 Stars from RT for Unbuttoning the Innocent Miss

July 1 readers can meet the first of  the Wallflowers to Wives heroines, Claire Welton, as she finds herself tutoring her long time secret crush, Jonathon Lashley, in French.  Jonathon must overcome his inability to speak the language in order to secure a coveted diplomatic posting to Vienna, AND he must marry the Season's reigning Diamond of the First Water, Cecilia Northam. His life seems perfectly arranged. The only problem is that he's falling for Claire, a sudden attraction that might cost him everything. Order now!

Summer Starts with Scandal at the Midsummer Ball!

My duet with Marguerite Kaye is now available! This is an interesting book to read because we each wrote a story set at the same party, among the same guests, using the same events to build the story around. It was so much fun to do, I'll tell you a secret: We are teaming up this October to write a Christmas party duet that will come out in 2017.

My story in the duet focuses on the roguish horsebreeder, Kael Gage, and the Season's jilt, Miss Zara Titus--who once had made an incredible match but now that the match has been broken must marry again in haste. Only,  Zara disagrees with the verdict. Why marry at all? Why not enjoy a little freedom? With Kael Gage on hand to oblige, that seems like a perfectly enjoy outcome as long as she doesn't get caught by her matchmaking mama who intends to see her married to the perfectly respectable and not nearly as exciting Richard Downing.  Her covert exploration into the sensual seems to be going well until the Duke of Brockmore steps in to make Kael an offer he shouldn't refuse, or should he?  Anything can happen when Midsummer magic abounds.

Thursday, February 25, 2016

All About Romance likes Nolan in Rake Most likely to Seduce!

Caz Owen reviews "Rake Most Likely to Seduce"
" Bronwyn Scott’s historicals are at the hotter end of the HH/M&B scale, and she certainly doesn’t disappoint in that department; the chemistry between Nolan and Gianna is terrific and the love scenes are nice and steamy. Gianna may be a virgin, but as the daughter of a courtesan it’s easy to believe she’s a little more clued up about sex than the average virginal young woman at the time. Ms Scott’s descriptions of the sights and sounds of La Serenissima, from the canals and gondolas to the piazzas and markets are wonderfully evocative and round out the story nicely.
Rake Most Likely to Seduce is a quick and enjoyable read, and one I’d recommend to anyone looking for an historical romance with a dash of adventure in a setting that’s slightly different to the norm."
The other books in this series are Rake Most Likely to Rebel and Rake Most Likely to Thrill
-- Caz Owens

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Brennan Carr arrives March 1, 2016 in Rake Most Likely to Sin! 4 STARS from RT

The final book in the Rakes on Tour series arrives March 1, 2016! Romantic Times Magazine calls, "Rake Most Likely to Sin" a 'Triumph!'  RT reviewer, Anne Black, writes:
A triumph! The last book in Scott’s Rakes on Tour Series is lively, suspenseful and full of hot romance. Brennan is the last of four rakes who took Europe by storm. This playboy goes native and meets a spirited widow who teaches him about hearth and home. - See more at: