Tuesday, December 20, 2011

And the Winner is....

Louisa Cornell! is the winner of the Advent Calendar give away for. Dec. 17th . She will receive a digitial copy of An Illicit Indiscretion featuring the 1835 sighting of Halley's Comet. But everyone will go on to be entered in the drawing for the Kindle Fire. Thanks for stopping to be visit.
Have Happy Holidays!
Bronwyn Scott

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Advent Calendar Giveaway Is Today

Today's the day!

Saturday, Dec. 17th is the Bronwyn Scott giveaway on the advent calendar! Today's winner will receive a coupon for downloading the December Undone! "An Illicit Indiscretion."

To be today's winner, you need to leave a comment to this post containing your answer to this question: What important historical event provides the central plot line for Dashiell and Elisabeth's adventure in "An Illicit Indiscretion?" You can find the answer on this blog by scrolling through past posts about this story!

I'll randomly select a winner Sunday night, Dec. 18th. BUT all entrants will move on to be included in the grand give away drawing Dec. 24th for the advent calendar prize of a Kindle Fire!!!

Happy Holidays,Bronwyn

Saturday, November 19, 2011

New access posted.

Now, when you click on the cover of any book, it will take you straight to the book on Amazon. This is a great and inexpensive way to do some holiday shopping! Think about stuffing your stockings with Bronwyn Scott novels.

Harlequin Historical Advent Calendar giveaway is here!

Starting November 28th, you have a chance to win books, prizes and a Kindle Fire! Here's how to play, log on to the advent calendar, which you can do here, then click on the cover of the day.

If you click on the calendar, it will get bigger too!

It will take you to that day's author's website where you can answer a trivia question and be entered to win. Daily winners will be announced and at the end everyone will be entered in a drawing to win the Kindle Fire! December 17th is my personal give away day. The prize that day will include a copy of my December Undone, an Illicit Indiscretion.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Have an Illicit Indiscretion for Christmas!

My Christmas Undone cover and title are here! An Illicit Indiscretion will be available for Christmas, a great and inexpensive gift for your e-reader friends and for you! This is my Halley's Comet story, featuring Dashiell and Elisabeth on their quest for the 1835 Comet. This story was a blast to write. 1835 was really the year of the comet, people really did buy comet pins and Halley's Comet has a long history behind it with speculation that it was the Christmas Star although it seems unlikely. More to come in November. We'll have Comet trivia and a give away. Order at www.amazon.com or www.eharlequin.com

Monday, August 1, 2011

A Secret Life is ready for Sept. launch

The Secret Life of a Scandalous Debutante is ready for Sept. 2011 release.

This story follows up the Viscount Claims His Bride (Valerian and Philippa's story.)
It features Beldon (Philippa's brother) and Lilya (Valerian's Phanar ward) and her unlikely diamond. It's a great adventure-- by a 'talented author' (according to Romantic Times--smiles).

or www.eharlequin.com


Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Secret Life of a Scandalous Debutante is Coming!

Secret Life of a Scandalous Debutante is a great read! I just finished reading it after nine months away from it. It turned out great! I had agonized over this plot and getting it just right and it was worth it. It's my first book with Lucy as editor, so I wanted it to be great.

This lovely cover is done in the new UK Mills and Boon style. It's stunning. The book is out over there in Britain June 11 OR you can wait for the North American release Aug. 23.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A Thoroughly Compromised Lady finals at RomCon

A Thoroughly Compromised Lady finals in short historicals at RomCon. I am super happy! It was great news to wake up to in the morning. Congrats too for fellow Harlequin historical writers Blythe Gifford and Ammanda McCabe.

www.amazon.com www.eharlequin.com You will have to enter my name in the search engine once you get there, however.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Prince Charming In Disguise

Hi All, Happy Royal Wedding Week! To celebrate, Harlequin has released 7 digitial short stories about royal weddings. My story, Prince Charming In Disguise, features George II and Caroline of Ansbach (1704). It's a great story! He goes to her in disguise to see if she'll suit. He falls in love at first sight, something he didn't expect. There was some nice historical record of this in the dispatches sent to England. Good Reads, gives it 4 stars and says "it will make you believe fairy tales come true."

easy to purchase direct from amazon. www.amazon.com

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Scandalous Regency Nights Give away

I am giving away signed copies of Scandalous Regency Nights to the next two $10.00 or higher donors for the King aquatic club swim a thon. It's a great non profit organization, a swim team obviously. This is their only fundraiser of the year and the only fundraiser I let my kids pester people about, so I have to do my part too. With so many pools closing because cities and schools can't support their maintenance, it's hard to find a place to swim and learn good health habits about exercise, not to mention water safety.

Swim a thon may be over, but you can still order your own copies from www.amazon.com or www.eharlequin.com

Scandalous Regency Nights Give Away!

I am giving away two free copies of Scandalous Regency Nights to the next two $10.00 or higher donors to the King Aquatics Club swim a thon.

Scandalous Regency Nights is Deliciously Wicked

Scandalous Regency Nights is out in the UK as an Undone! Anthology. It contains 5 stories for the first time in print. Previously, these stories were only available in e-book format. They're short, sexy and lots of fun to read. The anthology features my Undone! short Wicked Earl, Wanton Widow and sexy hero Killian Redbourne. Those of us in North America will have to order it through Amazon, but that's not so hard!