Thursday, August 14, 2008

Wrapping up the latest book

I am on the final count down to finishing up the latest book for Avalon. The Madcap is just three chapters away from being done. Whew! Then I have three days of revision and then my wonderful editor gets it. Don't worry Faith, it is on the way.

I do have to show you all the newest cover though. This is for Newport Summer. I was so excited when Faith sent this one to me right after nationals.

Isn't this great!

I have to say, I have really gotten into this Victorian period of time. You just can't help being a romantic in this time period.

Obviously, you understand this book is set in the wonderful city of Newport. This is essentially the American version of "the season." The Astor's rule the land and only the rich get to play. Well, not just the rich but you get the idea.

Up next on the writing front? I have proposals for Mills and Boon that will be in London on the 25th of September and then off to write Crispin's story for Harlequin. For those of you that were begging for the brother's stories, this will be for you.

Also, keep an eye out for the new Undone E-Books by Harlequin. Make sure to stay on line for this great new venture. Due to the rise of popularity of the e-books and the sexy novels, the historical editors are now jumping on board. Beginning in November, Undone Historicals will be available in an e-book format. So, for those of you that loved Grayson Prentiss's Seduction you will just love this next one. Check it out at

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